On The Road…

Yesterday, after two weeks spent in the company of my lovely friend Shauna who was visiting from Austin, the expression “rode hard and put up wet” kept coming to mind. Now, get your mind out of the gutter, we’re not those kinds of friends.

We just did all the things in two weeks, while I was still working normal hours. We went sea kayaking and beaching, jumped off a small rock that they tried to tell us was a cliff. We drank in Itaewon and Hongdae and Gayang. We did noraebang and jimjilbang and Korean barbeque. We did the greatest hits of my time in Korea…ok, I’m a bad tourist so we maybe missed a few things, but we were busy. 

My body would like a rest now. It’s riddled with mysterious (and not-so-mysterious) bruises, as well as the dumbest sunburn you could possibly imagine. I need more sleep, so much more sleep. I was napping yesterday, after dropping Shauna off at the airport, and in my dream all I did was walk around and drink water. I felt like I was trailing the little girl from Signs and ruining the plot twist (spoilers!) My subconscious is screaming at me to hydrate, sleep, hydrate some more and maybe cool it on the coffee. Never!  

My apartment is sandy like the beach, which means my bed is also sandy like the beach. SAND EVERYWHERE! There’s a film of translucent powder and long, lady hairs in my bathroom from all the time spent getting ready to go out and say inappropriate things to boys. Ke$ha would be so proud. The Soju had to be dumped down the drain, I didn’t even want to look at it. 

But of course, despite all of the recovery I’m doing right at this moment, my heart is sick to be without my friend once again.  Just like going to Ireland, having a friend from home opens up the missing-people wounds I pretend have healed. Sometimes I don’t call home because it’s easier to forget that the people I love are living their lives far away and without me in them.  I made the choice to come here and I love it here, but it’s almost time to come home.

So along with my weekend of recovery, I’ve begun the ending. Come November, I’m going to pack up my espresso maker (I will strap that thing to my body if need be, I’m never leaving it again) and my shoes, burn all of the clothes I’ve been wearing for the last year, find responsible owners for my plants, and come home.  Fingers crossed I’m going to check out Vietnam for a week first, but then I’ll be on my way state side.

Can’t wait to see you all! This one’s for you, Shauna 



  1. lenore leonard · · Reply

    Get back here Rachel, that’s all I can say.
    Love you, Mom

  2. I have listened to the song (forever in my head as “the coffee song”) every day since I’ve been back, as I brew coffee. My dancing abilities are not really up to snuff pre-coffee, I’ve found…

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