My Weekend of Parking (It’s not what you think)

With a desire to get out of my 80 degree apartment this weekend, I decided I would check out some of Seoul’s parks.  By Seoul I really mean within a kilometer or so of my house because I’m too lazy to take the subway.  

Saturday evening was spent climbing up a random hill close to my house and then getting lost on the way back home.  It was the first bit of nature I’ve been in since I went to Busan three weeks ago and it was lovely. And I was covered in sweat about 2 minutes in.

Seeing as this adventure went so well I decided to try a different park this evening.  I live close to the Han river and never really noticed that right across from me there are two large hills that are actually really amazing parks.  One used to be a golfcourse and the other used to be a landfill.  I checked out the landfill one with a friend and it was even more lovely.  The top of the landfil is leveled and planted with grass.  It’s like being in a high prarie in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.  I want to live there, and I’m absolutely not doing it justice in my description.  Watch this video, it explains a little better. 

I want to bring everyone I know to this park.  Shauna and Chelsea, get ready!  



  1. lenore leonard · · Reply

    Hey, I love the park too!

    1. lostalreadyinmy20s · · Reply

      Yeah I thought of you when I was there!

  2. […] and inspired after our sea-kayaking adventure, so on Tuesday, we went to Haneul (sky) Park. It’s one of Rachel’s favorite parks, a gorgeous, green oasis threaded neatly into the outskirts of the […]

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